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When a company can no longer afford to pay its debts, the company may be what is described to be insolvent. When a company is insolvent, they should seek out advice to see if the company can be rescued and return to profitability. If the company cannot be rescued and is incurring more debt, then it may be appropriate to place the company into liquidation.

There are a number of procedures available to Insolvent companies:

  • Company Administration

    This method protects the company against creditor action whilst a solution is sought. This is a viable option when the company is experiencing cash flow difficulties and struggling with overhead costs such as leases and employee costs.

  • Company Voluntary Arrangement (CVA)

    A CVA can help ensure the survival of your company. The use of a CVA would be a rescue devise following a period of administration or for companies looking to repay creditors whilst continueing to trade. A CVA enables a company to reduce it debt levels and improving cash flow by coming to an arrangement with creditors based on affordability.

  • Creditors Voluntary Liquidation (CVL)

    A CVA may be the solution if the company is suffering from creditor pressure or cash flow difficulties. This quickly removes creditor pressure and stops further legal action. It can also provide the lifeline which a business requires to trade under a different legal entity.


Whether your company is solvent or insolvent, ensuring it is closed in the correct matter is the priority. The company director has various responsibilities towards their creditors and seeking the advice of a licensed insolvency practitioner will guarantee that all stakeholders are treated fairly.

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